Smart Mobile Identity Products

Introducing AOptix StratusTM--the first mobile identity solution, Made for iPhone, that delivers fully integrated iris, face, fingerprint and voice biometric capabilities.  Employing familiar Apple iOS conventions, it is designed to be highly intuitive like the iPhone itself. Weighing less than a pound and designed for single handed operation, AOptix Stratus offers highly intuitive and accurate identity enrollment, identification and verification anytime, anywhere.

AOptix Stratus is the ideal solution for applications where biometric identity verification was considered impractical, cost prohibitive, or impossible. Additionally, it is the ideal replacement for cumbersome mobile identity systems currently being used for certain applications.

"Until now, biometric identity verification has been delivered either by fixed location solutions or difficult to use mobile products with limited functionality. By leveraging the capabilities of the iPhone, and its own deep experience in identity solutions, AOptix is providing an ideal mobile identity platform which will greatly expand the use of biometrics to many new application and markets." Alan Goode, managing director, Goode Intelligence

The first mobile biometric product that truly embraces an open architecture, AOptix Stratus enables partners to develop applications meeting the specific requirements of their customers in a broad range of vertical markets including: public safety and border management; national and civil ID programs; humanitarian aid and disaster relief; defense; and healthcare.

AOptix Stratus is comprised of three core elements: iPhone 4 or 4S, the AOptix Stratus MX and the AOptix Stratus App. In addition, an AOptix Stratus client SDK for iOS is available for development of custom applications.