Identity Solutions

Wherever identity verification is required, we make the process seamless and efficient, helping people stay safe and connected.

AOptix delivers highly intuitive and accurate identity verification through the combination of iris recognition and other biometrics. AOptix Smart Mobile Identity solutions address a wide range of identity verification needs in public safety, mobile finance, disaster assistance and humanitarian aid. Our High Throughput solutions are being used in some of the world’s busiest airports to enhance the passenger experience and at air, land and sea crossings to boost border security.

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Our Position on Privacy

At AOptix we believe that privacy is a fundamental right of people around the world. We operate with respect for individual privacy and the laws of the countries in which we do business. We believe that enhanced security, safety, convenience and productivity can be achieved without compromising privacy or personal information. Our products enhance privacy by enabling trusted relationships through confirming personal identities using biometric authentication.  All of our products support subject-cooperative identification.  Identity verification is an important way in which AOptix is helping to keep people safe and connected.