In its first 10 years, AOptix developed the patented technologies that form the core of its wireless communication products. Working under contract for the US Department of Defense, AOptix provided the base technology for secure, reliable, ultra-high capacity MESH networks designed for on-the-move, over the horizon transmitting and receiving of high bandwidth data on any platform—manned and unmanned, air-to-air and air-to-ground. AOptix technology enabled aircraft flying at high altitudes to transmit 10 Gbps of data error-free over hundreds of kilometers to air or ground platforms. 

Having vetted its wireless communications technology through this rigorous field testing by the military, AOptix turned its attention to solving the challenges facing commercial communications. The number one issue the company identified was that of mobile backhaul congestion. Network operators have experienced a 20,000% increase in data traffic over the past five years. Current transport infrastructure cannot keep up. Fiber optics, the traditional delivery means for high speed, high bandwidth communications, is costly and time consuming or impossible to install due to restrictions on trenching. Conventional wireless solutions, presented as an alternative to fiber, have their own limitations of distance, bandwidth or availability. 

AOptix has developed a communications technology that enables fiber-like performance to be delivered through wireless transport. Drawing upon the disruptive technologies developed for the DoD, the company created the AOptix Intellimax line of products. These products address many issues facing service providers as they try to supplement fiber with wireless communications:

  • How to transmit massive amounts of data long distances without degradation of quality
  • How to operate under all-weather conditions without loss of performance
  • How to deploy on the broadest range of towers or other structures
  • How to simplify installation and alignment to reduce operating costs

AOptix Intellimax offers dramatic breakthroughs in bandwidth, distance, availability, and total cost of ownership. AOptix Intellimax provides 6x more channel capacity than microwave and 2x the distance of millimeter wave at carrier grade availability. Data is transmitted and received at two Gbps for distances up to 10 kilometers with 5 9s availability, through all weather conditions.

Four proprietary technologies give AOptix Intellimax these extraordinary capabilities: 

  1. The first technology innovation involves adaptive optics.  Early in the company’s history, AOptix leveraged curvature adaptive optics which had been used by scientists and researchers to see deeper into space by correcting for atmospheric scintillation.  This technology enabled images taken from the Earth that are clearer than those generated by the Hubble telescope many miles above the atmosphere. 

    AOptix understood the innate power of this technology for driving many applications, including wireless communications. This technology enables huge amounts of data to be sent long distances without degradation.  It has been field tested in DoD applications where AOptix achieved the sustained wireless transport of 10 Gbps over hundreds of kilometers from airborne platforms traveling at extremely high altitudes and speeds.
  2. The second technology is Advanced Wavelength Diversity (AWD) which enables simultaneous delivery of redundant data over free space optics (FSO) and millimeter wave radio (MMW). These two wavelengths complement each other to allow operation in all weather conditions.  AOptix is the first to offer this multispectral technology in a single box, enabling carrier grade availability for 2 Gbps of data at distances up to 10 kilometers. Through fog, rain and snowstorms, AOptix  Intellimax enables data to be transported error free over long distances. 
  3. The third technology, Active Beam Steering (ABS), allows for real time automated steering of AOptix Intellimax optical and RF beams. This technology enables real time link alignment and compensates for plus or minus 3 degrees of tower twist and sway caused by conditions such as heavy wind, sun, and ice and snow build up. Real time steering means that AOptix Intellimax can be deployed on any type of tower or other structures without the stringent structural stability requirements that are typical of other wireless solutions. This opens up more deployment opportunities and enables the shortest link paths possible—particularly relevant for ultra-low latency applications.
  4. The fourth technology, Point Acquire and Track  (PAT), automates link alignment within minutes. PAT simplifies installation and alignment with precision accuracy, repeatable results and verified performance, significantly reducing the cost of deployment.

Through these technology innovations, AOptics is able to provide the benefits of fiber without the constraints of conventional wireless technology. AOptix Intellimax is eliminating bandwidth bottlenecks, providing massive bandwidth capacity to mobile backhaul, government and enterprises.