Markets and Applications

AOptix technology will revolutionize wireless communications, providing massive bandwidth capacity for mobile backhaul providers, enterprises and government entities.

Mobile Backhaul

Network operators have experienced a 20,000% increase in data traffic over the past five years. Traditional wireless technologies cannot solve this problem as they are limited in distance, bandwidth or availability leading to massive bottlenecks and chokepoints in their backhaul networks. AOptix technology and products directly address this problem by delivering long-range, multi gigabit capacity wireless communications with carrier grade availability.

AOptix provides a cost effective complement or alternative to fiber-based networks. This gives network operators a clear competitive advantage by offering a better user experience while increasing the number of users the network can support, at costs that are the lowest in the industry.

AOptix products also enable the rapid and cost-effective deployment of fiber-like wireless infrastructure where no network currently is in place such as developing countries.


Private industry has a range of applications for which AOptix products are well suited, such as low latency, enterprise access and remote site connectivity.

Low latency: AOptix recently announced a strategic partnership with Anova Technologies to deliver ultra-low latency wireless communications networks specifically for financial trading.  AOptix can offer overall latency reductions of 50% when compared with fiber—a huge advantage for this industry where trades are measured in milliseconds. Top-tier Wall Street banks, proprietary trading firms and hedge funds already have signed on as customers.

Enterprise access:   Enterprises need to support a myriad of applications such as email, phone, remote access etc. To be effective, the Internet access must provide the bandwidth and reliability the enterprises require, not just for today’s applications but also future technology demands such as always-on cloud connectivity, inter-site connectivity, etc. Furthermore the access technology must meet these demands in a cost effective manner. Existing technologies offering high speed access such as DSL and T1 cannot meet these requirements of capacity and reliability, while others such as fiber are either not available or cost prohibitive. It is estimated that in the USA alone, approximately 750,000 enterprise sites do not have a fiber access but are in dire need of gigabits of capacity. Service providers are turning to AOptix to support this growing demand for gigabits of enterprise access technology. AOptix product enables service providers to offer reliable and multi-gigabit capacity access to enterprises at a fraction of cost of fiber.

Remote site connectivity: Transmitting data from remote locations to a data processing center requires the transmission of massive amounts of data over long distances, error-free. Fiber can be cost prohibitive to remote sites and backhauling several remote sites can require extremely high data rates. AOptix products provide a high availability, high bandwidth, long distance and cost-effective alternative to market verticals such as oil and gas.


There are many applications for AOptix Intellimax in the public sector, including private networks, border security, disaster recovery and defense. The Federal Government and local municipalities require diversity in their networks to ensure highly reliable communications for secure inter-building connections, video surveillance systems, redundant fiber overlay, emergency communications, and short-term connections. AOptix Intellimax operates with the same multi-gigabit capacities as fiber while using a different path in an elevated location covering up to 10 km with carrier class availability. This offers an excellent solution for redundancy and can be used on any type of tower or other structures to offer an effective deterrent in border control applications.

Much of the platform technology for AOptix Communication products initially was developed for advanced defense applications. Through this work, AOptix achieved significant technology breakthroughs that now enable AOptix to support a broad range of public sector and commercial applications.

Project FOENEX—demonstrating wireless ad hoc networks, air-to-air and air-to-ground

AOptix is a partner in Project FOENEX (Free-Space Optical Experimental Network Experiment)  with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (APL) and L-3 Communications. The results of Project FOENEX were presented August 14, 2012 at SPIE San Diego by Dr. Richard Ridgway of DARPA who is the project sponsor, as described in this excerpt:
DARPA has undertaken the development of a 10 Gb/s 1550 nm free-space optical communications link that works in conjunction with 270 Mb/s 15 GHz Common Data Link and a 100 Gb/s network router to form a hybrid optical/RF communications link. The free-space optical link uses adaptive optics to reduce atmospheric-turbulence-induced optical phase aberrations and increase the light into a single-mode optical fiber at the receiver. When used in conjunction with a 10 Gb/s optical modem and optical automatic gain control the optical link is shown to achieve a high dynamic range.
AOptix developed and manufactured the FSO terminal and the Pointing, Acquisition, and Tracking software and systems necessary to seamlessly and rapidly form an optical link between two moving platforms. AOptix enables rapid optical and high speed tracking as well as correction for atmospheric disturbance that previously have limited FSO in tracking, distance and data rates.  
AOptix views this project as having significant implications beyond defense applications to a wide range of potential commercial uses. Essentially, any combination of moving terrestrial and airborne vessels now can communicate through a wireless ad hoc network opening up numerous possibilities for wide distribution of high bandwidth media content. 

AOptix defense communication products enable secure, reliable, ultra-high capacity MESH networks designed for mobile, over-the-horizon real time ISR data transmissions. These networks can simultaneously and seamlessly provide communications for both manned and unmanned aircraft, ground systems and installations. AOptix enables ultra-high data rate optical communications for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance video, voice, data and chat simultaneously across various dismounted and maneuver-force elements, airborne assets and command elements.