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Company Background

Revolutionizing Wireless Communications

AOptix is a pioneer in ultra-high capacity wireless communications and the inventor of Laser-Radio Technology (LRT). Laser-Radio breaks new ground by integrating wireless optical technology (Free Space Optics) with radio frequency (Millimeter Wave) technology, providing reliable, ultra-high bandwidth capacity (2 Gbps of data) with carrier-grade availability up to 10 kilometers. AOptix’s wireless solutions are based on adaptive optics technologies that have been field-proven during more than ten years of defense applications and can be used to alleviate mobile backhaul congestion and solve many other challenges for network operators, enterprises and government agencies.

Bringing Astronomical Science Down to Earth

AOptix was founded in 2000 by two scientists who saw the potential for a new application of Curvature Adaptive Optics, a technology originally developed to allow astronomers to capture deep space images with unprecedented clarity. Curvature adaptive optics are based on sophisticated, highly specialized mirrors that change shape thousands of times per second to compensate for atmospheric scintillation – the distortion of light as it passes through the atmosphere, the same phenomenon that causes stars and city lights to appear to twinkle at night. The technology revolutionized deep space imaging and spurred new scientific discoveries.

Field-Validated Technology

Employing the same underlying technologies and expertise developed for scientific research, AOptix worked with the U.S. Department of Defense and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to create the first-ever ultra-high bandwidth “network in the sky.” The system was capable of wirelessly sending large amounts of data over long distances between moving aircraft, or between aircraft and ground nodes using a narrow beam of light. In addition to this remarkable feat of engineering, AOptix also developed Point-Acquire-Track technology that was able to maintain the wireless data link between aircraft moving at high speeds. These key technologies were successfully validated in multiple advanced defense applications, including air–to-air and air-to-ground communication links, delivering data rates up to 80Gbps over distances of hundreds of kilometers.

Unprecedented Global Mobile Data Growth Continues

As the use of smartphones and mobile devices have exploded and the corresponding data traffic demands have surged over the last several years, AOptix saw an opportunity to take its field-tested military communications technology and transform it into a solution to address a commercial need. Unprecedented growth in data traffic has put Mobile Network Operators’ infrastructures under tremendous strain, and existing solutions are unable to meet the growing need. Fiber, the preferred transport technology solution to address this challenge, is often not feasible or is cost prohibitive. Traditional wireless technologies such as microwave solutions provide a flexible alternative, but cannot deliver the capacity needed or have spectrum constraints, while stand-alone millimeter wave is too unreliable for carrier-grade deployment except for very short distance applications.

Disruptive Technology for a Growing Global Need

AOptix Intellimax is the first truly integrated hybrid solution with Laser-Radio Technology that leverages the power of integrated advanced optical and millimeter wave communications. The combination of these two technologies overcomes the vulnerabilities to weather disturbances of traditional wireless solutions. Intellimax delivers carrier-grade availability and enables constant (non-adaptive) multi-gigabit throughput in all weather conditions up to distances of 10km for a single hop, or unlimited distances when deployed in a multi-hop configuration. AOptix’s technology represents the future of wireless communications and is well suited for a range of wireless transport applications such as, mobile backhaul, fiber extensions, last mile multi-gigabit access to enterprises, remote broadcast, and other high bandwidth transport applications.

AOptix is led by CEO Michael Klayko and a team of experienced executives with extensive backgrounds in wireless telecommunications, data transport, and international business. As a privately held company based in Campbell, California, AOptix enjoys a solid financial foundation, with investment of over $138 million to date from top-tier investors including Clearstone Venture Partners, DAG Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Northgate Capital and True Ventures.