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Intellimax - Anova Rooftop

AOptix is revolutionizing the global wireless communications industry with the first true multi-gigabit wireless fiber alternative – providing reliable, ultra-high bandwidth capacity with carrier-grade availability. AOptix’s flagship product, Intellimax, uses Laser-Radio Technology to produce new market opportunities for network operators, enterprises, government agencies, and other industries.

Our global wireless communications solutions have been field-proven during more than ten years of defense applications. By building upon wireless communications systems originally developed for deep space research and military defense applications, AOptix continues to deliver an unparalleled combination of bandwidth, availability, and distance.

FOENEX - Sunrise
Intellimax City Rooftop

AOptix Intellimax links are up and running on five continents with several tier one carriers passing data through diverse weather conditions. Our wireless solutions include Mobile Backhaul, Last Mile Access, Fiber Diversity, Fiber Extension, Financial Markets, and Ad Hoc Networks. Want more information on these solutions? Don’t hesitate to Contact Us today at +1 408 558 3300.